Protection of festivals, cultures responsibility of all: Chief Minister Giri

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Chief Minister of Lumbini Province Leela Giri has said that all festivals in the diverse Nepali society have helped maintain unity, tolerance and goodwill.
In a message of greetings today on the occasion of Makar Sankranti and Maghi festival, Chief Minister Giri has wished for peace, unity, goodwill and tolerance with added excitements and celebrations.
Chief Minister Giri has said that people of all communities from mountainous, hilly and tarai regions in the country have been celebration Maghe Sankranti by following their separate traditions, features and practices. “In the culturally diverse Nepali society, Makar Sankranti and Maghi festival have promoted familial ties, brotherhood, unity, goodwill and tolerance,” read the message.
The Chief Minister has also said that protection of such festivals and cultures was responsibility of all.
Giri has also pledged to remain dedicated for the prosperity of all citizens in the Lumbini province, especially for the upliftment of minorities, indigenous and backward communities adding that the province government would advance with the theme of ‘Prosperous Lumbini: Self-Reliant Province’ for the making of a just and equitable society.