North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reaches Russia


The Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported that the train carrying North Korean leader Kim Jong Un entered Russian territory.

The photo of the train carrying leader Kim from North Korea entering the Primorsky Territory has also been published by RIA Novosti. The photo shows a North Korean train with dark green coaches being pulled along the Russian Railways Patirmak.

The South Korean Ministry of Defense said on Monday that it believed that the train carrying leader Kim had entered Russian territory.

According to the Russian media, North Korean leader Kim has said that he is scheduled to meet with his counterpart Vladimir Putin this weekend. This is the first foreign visit he has made after four years.

Leader Kim is going to reach Vladivostok after traveling all night. He is on a journey with the armed forces. President Putin is currently in Vladivostok to attend the annual economic forum.

According to defense analysts, Moscow wants weapons and anti-tank missiles from North Korea and satellites and nuclear-powered submarine technology from Russia. However, the Kremlin has said that the leaders of the two countries will hold talks on global and regional issues.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the Russian media that the two leaders would discuss “sensitive” issues. “As neighbors, it is clear that our countries cooperate in sensitive areas that should not be a subject of public scandal. It is normal for the neighboring countries,” he said.

Spokesman Peskov told reporters that the American warning will be ignored in the talks between the two leaders. “Washington’s warning has no meaning with the relations we develop with our neighbors, including North Korea, it will focus on the interests of the two countries,” he explained in response to a question about the American warning that Pyongyang would have to pay if North Korea provided weapons to Moscow for the Ukraine conflict.