‘Music for Humanity’ across 10 cities in Nepal


All time famous Nepalese folk-rock band, Nepathya is all set to embark on a month-long tour across ten cities across Nepal.

As per the band’s statement the tour will kick-off from Biratnagar on December 2 and conclude in Kathmandu on December 31.

Since a long time, the band has carried various slogans to address contemporary issues through concerts. However, this time around, the band is set to present itself with a new determination on ‘Campaign for Humanity‘ from this tour.

At a time when Nepal was trapped in armed conflict, Nepathya initiated peace campaigns by means of the slogan ‘Sundar Santa Nepal‘ to heal the wounds of conflict-victims through music and ‘Shanti ko lagi siksha‘, for schools in conflict free zones.

In the coming days, Nepathya has made it its aim to be the voice for ‘Campaign for Humanity‘ and has thus forged alliance with a pioneer non-profit organization, Manavsewa Ashram.

It is an organisation dedicated to serve homeless people and persons with mental health related issues, with its 23 branches in 19 districts and extended services across 77 districts.

The first ‘Music for Humanity’ performance will kick-off from Haatkhola Maidan in Biratnagar on December 02, and stop-over performances will be held across major cities before concluding in Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu on December 31