Ireland’s Bloody Sunday to China-India War – Today in World History


Today is November 21.Various events were developed in world history today. Here are some memorable events that occurred today in world history:

Attack on the US Embassy in Pakistan

In 1979, an unknown Muslim group set fire to the US Embassy in Pakistan. The group attacked the US embassy, ​​accusing the US of being involved in the explosion of a mosque in the holy city of Mecca. The embassy building was damaged in the fire.

The world’s longest suspension bridge

In 1964, the world’s longest suspension bridge was opened to the public. The bridge connecting New York’s Brooklyn and Staten Island is the world’s first long suspension bridge. The suspension bridge built in Britain in 1981 broke the American record.

End of China – India War

India and China, the two powerful countries of Asia, have repeatedly fought over border disputes. A similar war took place in 1962. The war over the border dispute ended on this day after one month. China unilaterally declared a ceasefire.

Bloody Sunday in Ireland

A tragic and memorable incident took place in 1920 during the Irish War of Independence. During the war between the British government and the Irish, on Sunday, October 21, 1920, the Irish Republic Army (IRA) led by Michael Collins killed 30 people.